Welcome to the roots!
The 2021 family festival will be held in Ilmajoki

Written by: Terhi Pirilä-Porvali

The descendants of Petter and Elisabet Hällström will return to their roots in the summer of 2021, when the family celebrations will be held again in Ilmajoki. The main celebration of the family festival is on Saturday 12 June 2021 and Ilmajoki has a program for relatives for the whole weekend.

Ilmajoki is a natural place to celebrate, because 2021 will mark the 300th anniversary of Petter Hällström’s arrival in Finland. A few years later Petter Hällström settled in Ilmajoki and in 1726 he married the chaplain’s daughter Elisabet Ariin.

In 2021, it will be even years since our ancestors rose to the ranks of the house and farm owners. In 1741, 280 years ago, Petter Hällström bought Jussila’s house in Ilmajoki’s Palonkylä. Jussila became the home of a large family, and six children who grew up from there each went into the world.

Mika Aaltola – The keynote speaker

Mika Aaltola, Doctor of Social Sciences, Docent and Director of the Foreign Institute of International Affairs, has promised to be the keynote speaker at the Ilmajoki Family Festival. He belongs to the relatives of Petter and Elisabet Hällström through Mary’s family branch. Aaltola, who grew up in Petäjävesi, has close ties to Ilmajoki, as his mother is from Ilmajoki.

In his work as a researcher and director, Aaltola has focused on the domestic and foreign policy of the United States, the policy of the great powers, Finland’s foreign and security policy and global governance. He is a highly sought after lecturer and expert. In the spring of 2019, he published a work after Poutasää, which is an overview of Finland’s security in the turmoil of the world order.

Perhaps at the family festival we will hear Aaltola’s thoughts on what family means in today’s global and digital world. Does genealogy and roots matter anymore? Or are they perhaps even more important anchors for world citizens as well?

Opera experiences alongside the party

The Ilmajoki Family Festival is held at the same time as the Ilmajoki Music Festival. The music festival has been offering opera experiences and high-quality concerts in the cultural landscapes of the Kyrönjoki river for more than 40 years. Ilmajoki Music Festival is one of Finland’s leading summer events, the great merit of which is the production of new Finnish operas.

In 2021, the Ilmajoki Opera Arena will see the premiere Hiljaiset perivät maan (Silent Inherit the Earth) from the Lapua Movement, composed by Jukka Linkola and written by Tuomas Parkkinen. It is a shaky account of love at a time when black cars aroused fear in the expanse, justice was taken into their own hands and the Lapua movement tore apart the Ostrobothnian village community. At the heart of the story is the love story of Olavi and Regina, a worker and a bourgeois girl.

The family festival participants will have the opportunity to see the opera if they wish, and in addition, the Hällström family’s own program is promised, including a church concert by the Peltonen family at Ilmajoki Church. The main celebration of the family celebration is held in Ilmajoki Hall and accommodation is arranged in the beautiful courtyard of Southern Ostrobothnia College.

Welcome to Ilmajoki Family Festival June 11-12, 2021

Docent Mika Aaltola, Director of Foreign Institute of International Affairs, will be the keynote speaker at the Ilmajoki Family Festival in the summer of 2021. He belongs to the Maria branch of the Petter and Elisabet Hällström families. Photo: Foreign Institute of International Affairs.

The extensive coastal landscapes of the Kyrönjoki River are one of our national landscapes, and the fields of Alajoki have been chosen as a nationally valuable landscape area. In this spirit of old culture and under the open sky, the family will meet again in 2021. Photo: Jussi Niukkala / Ilmajoki Music Festival.