The Chairman's Column

Warm greetings to Hällström family

November evenings are getting darker and candle lanterns are glittering in the yards. Also houses get prepared for the darkest period of the year. Frost crackling but inside burning fireplaces and candles are warming. A mind begins awaiting Christmas.

What kind of Christmas Petter and Elisabet had when children were small? Almost certainly the musical family was singing Christmas songs and read the Christmas Gospel. On Christmas morning people surely went to the church.

Nowadays already early in the Fall people tune in the Christmas mood. At latest in November the Christmas songs are played and the decorations glitter in all the colors of the rainbow. Personally, I like more traditional: peace, straw ornaments, and candle lights. Most of all I enjoy old traditional hymns. My Christmas celebration begins when I attend The Greatest Christmas Carols in the church. The recipes I have inherited from my grandma are better than the new ones that I try every now and then! 

The Christmas gifts are an important part of the Christmas celebration. This Christmas Petter and Elisabet Hällström association has a few nice gift ideas. How about buying your family or just yourself a ticket for the spring journey to Skone in Sweden, the birth region of Petter. Or how about a family book series in which you can find information about each family branch until the 7th generation.

Petter and Elisabet Hällström association has organized journeys to the Petter’s birth region already twice. In May the bus starts from Tampere and the journey continues from Turku to Stockholm by a ferry. With our own bus, we drive through Sweden to Göteborg where we stay overnight in a hotel and spend a couple of days exploring the region. Registration for the journey can be made to to Elina Kivi, tel. +358 40 667 0981 or email:

The more detailed timetable of the journey will be published in the Petter and Elisabeth association magazine in February.

The association Vice-chairman Terhi Pirilä-Porvali together with Jorma Aro have started the preparations for the Ilmajoki summer family reunion. The summer family reunion festival and the family meeting will be held on the 13th of June 2021 which is 300 years after Petter came to Finland as the military assistant of Lieutenant Baldowin.

Great events are on the way! Before them we will spend peaceful Christmas. I wish all of you warm Christmas time!

Tuija Veija

Photo: Eira Siltanen