The Chairman’s Column

A twinkle of light into the darkness of November for all relatives!

It’s an exceptional year behind us. In the spring, the coronavirus locked people to their homes. After restrictions eased in the summer, domestic travel hit a record pace, as there was no point to go abroad. The family trip planned for spring to helsingborg, where our ancestor Petter was born, also had to be cancelled.

But the journey hasn’t been forgotten. It will be arranged as soon as the coronavirus situation gets better and it is safe to travel abroad.

The activities of the Family Council have also found new forms. Instead of traditional meetings, we’ve been practicing to hold meetings via email and most recently, on Father’s Day Eve, through Teams online. These habits will certainly remain in use, not least because of their affordability and easiness.

When traveling in Finland, many people have certainly visited Ilmajoki as well. The Petter and Elizabeth memorial in ilmajoki churchyard is a good place to reminisce about the ingestory migration. Ilmajoki is a beautiful summer town, as old family houses exude history.

Talk about awkward transitions; the history of the family houses can be found in Part IV of the genealogy series.

Family books make a great Christmas present! We now offer a pedigree series with information about Petter and Elizabeth up to the seventh generation for €110 (shipping costs included ).

The family books are now in 30% discount until the next Ilmajoki family celebration. The offer does not apply to a family music work or a work compiled of our genus’s doctors.

At the family council meeting, we also discussed about next summer’s upcoming Ilmajoki family reunion. Please, put the weekend Fri-Sat 11.-12.6.2021 in your calendar.

Mika Aaltola, a member of the genus, director of the Finnish  Institute of International Affairs (FIIA), has promised to be a keynote speaker of the Ilmajoki summer family festival! Welcome to the birthplace of the family!

In the near future, we will also send a newsletter to the members of the family association, and in the spring time, a family magazine will be published again, with more information about how to register for the Ilmajoki summer family festival.

Story tips and stories for the family newspaper are more than welcome. They can be sent to our editor-in-chief, Eira Siltanen (

I wish all relatives the joy and light of Christmas!

Kurjenkylä, Virrat 9.11.2020

Tuija Veija

Photo: Eira Siltanen