Kauhajoki 2006

Petter Hällström’s genus celebrated spectacularly in Kauhajoki

Finland’s first-row family and Family Association, the Family Association of Petter Hällström´s descedants, made a new tradition and a paragon for the other families in Kauhajoki family festival 5- 6.8.2006. Kauhajoki was chosen as a family festival location and to celebrate of the 280 wedding anniversary of the genus Petter Hällström and Elisabet Arin, cince 14.4.1726. They were inaugurated in Kauhajoki and weddings were celebrated in Knuuttila’s house with Sheriff Juho Henriksson Reini and his spouse, Elisabet Steen, who was the mother-side cousin of Elisabet Arin.

During the family festival, approximately 1500 relatives participated in ten different events. The dignified programme brought to light a diverse range of achievements of the genus. The most precious moment of the Saturday’s family main ceremony was experienced in the dedication of the family flag. The Chairman of the Association, Eila Lehtikallio and honorary member M. Sakari Siltaloppi, who also designed the flag, performed the nailing. The ceremony was performed by vicar Jorma Vesanto and the chaplain Antti Ala-Opas. The family flag has a white Petter Hällström’s seal on a blue background.

The Saturday programme continued with a tour of the genus’s historical sites, continuing to the Salon concert at the Sanssi Manor, which is actually the same house of Knuuttila, where Petter and Elizabeth were inaugurated. Jan Strang´s presentation of C. P. Hällström highlighted the talent of the genus. The Finnish map of Carl Petter Hällström dating back to 1799 is the first map with Finland´s current form. It can be said that C. P. Hällström is the father of the map of Finland, while his younger brother, Gustaf Gabriel Hällström, is the father of Finnish physics.

The second highlight of Saturday was the wedding celebration play in Hämes-Havus, where Petter Hällström and Elisabet Ariini’s wedding was celebrated. The bridal pair in the play were Mika Peltonen and Minna Mäki-Kala. They also got actually married during the play. The vicar was Jouko Ala-Prinkkilä. Jorma Aro had written and directed the touching and spectacular wedding ceremony to follow two hundred years old model. The wedding ceremony itself took place in a large circular tent.
There were about 800 wedding guests, who also enjoyed a wedding meal and danced weddings until midnight. 
Sunday began with a divine service in Kauhajoki Church. After the church service, M. Sakari Siltaloppi and Eila Lehtikallio handed the first one of the series of 15 family flags to Kauhajoki parish. The family council hopes that relatives will use the family flag at their own occasions: funeral, weddings, christenings and other anniversaries. The family flags will shortly be handed over to the 13 localities, mainly to the congregations, for relatives to use to increase the sense of social cohesion of the genus. For the same purpose, at the Kauhajoki meeting it was now possible to purchase a bronze family coat of arms. The smaller size coat of arms is intended for the gravestones and the bigger one for the house doors, its walls or ports. Sunday ended the annual meeting of the Association, and Senior Jury person Marja-Riitta Rintamäki from Seinäjoki, was elected as the new chairman.

After 18 years, an old origin of the genus, Ilmajoki was chosen as the venue for the year 2009 family summer festival. As surety, Markku Ojala received the Alderman’s sceptre of the genus.