Vaasa 2018

The musical book of the genus was announced at the Vaasa Summer festival

The long-awaited book of the musical history of Petter and Elisabeth Hällström’s family, of over 1000 pages, was announced at the Vaasa summer festival. The book author, Doctor of Music Päivi-Liisa Hannikainen, presented the book during the family reunion. The publication of the musical book was an excellent choice
for the celebration of genealogy theme, that was lectured by genealogical trainers Marja Kaski and Jukka Piiroinen. 
In between the lectures, Mademoiselles’ of Napue fun-filled people by screening women’s 1700-century dress styles. The celebration weekend culminated in the excursion to the World Heritage site of Svedjehamn. The Finnish Genealogy Society’s chairman, doctoral researcher Teppo Ylitalo, took responsibility of the oration. Tuija Veija from Virrat County was elected as the New Family Council Chairperson.
Down below there is a small photo report from Vaasa. Church concert Pictures and captions by Tuija Veija.
Photos and captions of the family feast by Eira Siltanen.
In her music book that draw a lot of attention, Dr. Päivi-Liisa Hannikainen told the family celebration attendants about her extensive research and surveys, leading to birth of this, more than a thousand-paged work.
Susanna Erkinheimo, belonging to the Hällström family and Maria´s family branch, sang about different phases of love life in the Vaasa church.
The performers visiting from Panula Institute were the violinists Niina Kiprianoff and Pia-Liisa Äijö and guitarist Timo Kiprianoff.
”Minä vaan friiaan toisen omaa ja minkäs ne mulle taitaa..." Sang the well-known male choir Pohjan Miehet (North Men), in the main celebration of the family festival. Finally, the audience also participated in the Vaasa March song (Vaasan marssi). The choir was led by Sami Salmivuori.
The main festival was hosted by Sarita Sandström (on the right). To-step-aside family Society chairman Marju Viertola was kept busy to the last minutes.
The president of the Finnish Genealogical Society, the Vice-Chairman of the Finnish Regional Association Council and the doctoral researcher Teppo Ylitalo, gave the oration for the Vaasa family festival.
The 16-year-old Emma Dahl played the violin, with Lindsey Stirling's compositions Swag and Davi's Song. Emma studies violin and piano in the Kuula Institutitute, and acts as a piano teacher in the Vaasa Finnish Congregation's Music school.
The venue's greetings were presented by Vaasa City Council’s First Vice-President Anne-Marie Viinamäki. She and her husband, Ilpo Ylitalo, were pleasantly surprised when the festival speaker turned out to be their own family member.