Ilmajoki 2009

Petter Hällström Family Association’s 40th
anniversary celebration

The Family Association of Petter Hällström‘s descendants spent 15. Family festival in 12. – 13.6.2009 in the county of Ilmajoki, where the association was founded 40 years ago. Once again, a thousand-headed kindred crowd got to enjoy a versatile and high-quality program during those two days.

The celebration was initiated at the honor of the genus’s ancestor’s monument, where the laurel wreath was deposited and the brass section was heard. On both holidays, hundreds of relatives were able to attend either a river boat cruise in the beautiful scenery of the Kyrönjoki River or a sightseeing tour that was very popular. The 40-kilometre and hour-long tour was done six times. The tour, designed and guided by M. Sakari Siltaloppi, opened a window for many relatives in the history of the genus and the history of Ilmajoki. In the old family houses, a total of 43 of them, the location gave the relatives an excellent point of attachment to where their own roots of the Hällström genus are.

Petter Hällström is a strong family of music. The church concert gathered the Ilmajoki Church almost full. Designed by Raili Peltonen, the concert presented by the genus musicians largely consisted of music from the genus Sulho Ranta.

The first day’s night was also very unique, in the Alajoki area of Ilmajoki, which is a 8000 hectare farmland. One example of the evening’s versatile programme was the Silver Accordion 2009 winner’s, Arttu Rajala’s, Music Performance. Arttu is an 8 year old and member of the genus.

The second day began with the association’s annual meeting, which adopted two important things. The adoption of the new rules of the association will change the name of the association to Petter and Elisabet Hällström’s family society, as it was desired to emphasize the role of Petter Hällström’s spouse Elisabet Ariini as the mother of the genus. Another important issue was the new president, when Sirkka-Liisa Havunen, who belongs to Catherine’s family branch, was elected as new chairperson of the Kauhajoki office in 2009 – 2012.

The family celebration main ceremony created a varied overview of the genus’s history. In a greeting speech, the outgoing President Marja-Riitta Rintamäki discussed the first stages of the genus in the 1700 century. The invited orator was the state councillor Riitta Uosukainen whose mother belonged to Katariina Hällström’s family branch. She emphasized the importance of the genus and family events in her festive speech, because in modern times the “authority is the nearest relative” for many. 
Doctor of music, Päivi-Liisa Hannikainen, reported on her ongoing research on the music and musicians of Hällström, a unique project within the family. The study explores the genus’s music and musicians for 200 years. There is plenty of material for research. The book will become part X of the series when announced.
The association’s 40 year history was presented by the founder and honorary member M. Sakari Siltaloppi, who focused his speech on the achievements of the Family association and how they were achievable. In many ways, the family association is the number one in Finland. There are more than 2000 members, the website has 1500 to 2000 visitors every month, the Genealogy of the family history has been published in 9-15 volumes, depending on the method of calculation, and they have sold more than 10.000 copies. Also, family festivals always bring together more than 1000 guests. Petter Hällström’s descendants have formed 3 family associations, of which the Hällström Family Association is the oldest one in Finland ,127 years, and the Family Association af Hällström is 75 years old.

The successful implementation of The genealogy book I has made possible these achievements. It brought a people’s movement and strong enthusiasm for  ecades. 
A large number of high-quality musical performances were heard in the family main ceremony.
Many relatives also attended the events of the Ilmajoki music festival, of which took place at the same time, including Pohjalaisia opera (The Ostrobotnians).