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Petter ja Elisabet Hällström

Registered association Petter ja Elisabeth Hällström sukuseura ry was established 1969 in Ilmajoki. Very important person, in starting the co-operation of the family, was the bank inspector E. Sigfrid af Hällström who personally made research with the Skone background of the family. At the moment there is about 2000 members in the association.

The association has its own family sign which has been designed by Heraldist Gustav von Numers 1977. The association table pennant, the family pennant flag and the bronze family shield designed by sculptor Lauri S. Ketola were published in the family reunion in Virrat 1988.

The association continues the family research and the related historical research. In each family reunion will be published a festival booklet in which can be found complementary family information of the festival town. The association is lead by the family board having 15 members.


The Chairman's Column

November evenings are getting darker and candle lanterns are glittering in the yards. Also houses get prepared for the darkest period of the year. Frost crackling but inside burning fireplaces and candles are warming. A mind begins awaiting Christmas.


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Latest Family Reunions

Vaasa 2018

The long-awaited book of the musical history of Petter and Elisabeth Hällström’s family, of over 1000 pages, was announced at the Vaasa summer festival. The book author, Doctor of Music Päivi-Liisa Hannikainen, presented the book during the family reunion.

Jalasjärvi 2015

The family celebration 2015 took place in Jalasjärvi, in the atmosphere of community effort. The vocal events at the Jalasjärvi Church and the Museum Hill gathered a lot of family, as can be seen in the photos below. 

Virrat 2012

In Virrat family summer festival 2012 was presented a musical “Me kauniiksi raivaamme tämän maan” which tells the story of Katariina and Simo. In the stage of Virrat heritage village museum house were playing Hannu Hietala…